Private Finance Initiative (PFI)

New Real Property Corporation continues to use its techinical and business know-how to expand and develop new PFI (Private Finance Initiative) related services, which range from the construction and financing of public infrastructure projects to their operation and maintenance after completion. The company has participated in large scale underwater tunnel projects in Hong Kong and Australia.

Sydney Harbour Tunnel

Constructed to alleviate congestion on Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Harbour Tunnel was Australia's first underwater tunnel. This four-lane road totaling 2,280 meters in length crosses Port Jackson in Sydney via an immersed tube structure consisting of eight connected reinforced concrete units. The tunnel was constructed by Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. in partnership wtih a local company. After completion of the project, New Real Property Corporation expanded its business operate and maintain the tunnel under a long-term contract.


Location Sydney, Australia

An underwater tunnel providing a second vehicular crossing of Sydney Harbour as an alternative to the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Immersed tube section: 960m

Land tunnel section: 1,320m

Contract Period: 35 years