Corporate Information

New Real Property Corporation was established under company separation from Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. on 1 October, 2003 and we assumed Kumagai's real estate business and PFI project in Japan and overseas.

Our core business is real estate investment and development and we are deploying housing and lot sale, leasing, consultation and property management.

By our customer oriented commitment to adopt to change of social environment, we pursue new value beyond all imagination of real estate industry.

Are you looking for following solutions?
  • I am looking for vacation house with reasonable price around Tokyo area.

    We are operating and maintaining "Nasu Shirazasa Hot Spring Resort" which is extended to highland area (1 million sqm). You can find fascinated property with reasonable price.

    Resort Management
  • I am looking for partner who can support to expand agricultural business.

    We are farming safe and secure vegetables and we contribute utilizing farming land and creating employment opportunity in the area through our related company "DK Firm Co., Ltd."

    Agricultural Business
  • I am looking for overseas real estate investment.

    We own value-oriented real estate properties and deal with Investment and operation business in New York (USA) and Sydney (Australia). We can offer rich experienced service for Japanese Investors looking into the market.

    Overses Real Estate Investment and Development
  • I am looking for a site of Solar Power Plant.

    We are dealing with various service in related to Solar Power Plant (Land rental, Solar Power Plant Development, Consultation, etc.)

    Solar Power Plant Development
  • I am looking for housing lot located in secure, beautiful and sustainable town.

    We are developing Large scale of House and Lot projects for aiming beautiful and sustainable town in suburban area of Sendai, Niigata, Fukui and Yamaguchi.

    Residential Lot Sales
  • I am looking for a new House in comfortable and convenient environment.

    We offer our self-own lot with reasonable price for customer's point of view and need.

    Housing and Lot Sales
  • I am looking for office.

    We are dealing with rental business in Residential Complex, Shopping Center, etc. which Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. built all over Japan to activate rural communities.

    Rental and Leasing
  • I am looking for large-scale retail space for business expansion.

    We offer large-scale commercial land for deploying retail, grocery store, restaurant, etc. in suburb of Sendai and Niigata.

    Commercial Land
  • I am looking for the place for both playing golf and lessons.

    We operate 36 hole course "Yamashiro Golf Club" in Kaga Hot Spring Area. Club House has indoor lesson facility and various lessons base on " Quarter Theory" introduced by golf pro Mr. Izumi Kuwata.

    Golf Course Operation
  • I am looking for a strong company to manage and maintain infrastructure.

    We own Sydney Harbour Tunnel in Australia and we have managed and maintained tunnel operation during franchise period.

    Private Finance Initiative (FPI)