Agricultural Business

Agricultural business has been started as a part of our business which leads to regional revitalization. An agricultural corporation "DK farm" is established in 2016. We have got know-how of soil cultivation, cultivation and distribution, and will challenge to distribute directly our own brand to consumers.

DK Farm Co., Ltd.

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Cultivated crop

We cultivate Baby leaf of organic grown, garlic, spinach, red chili pepper and white leek in the altitude 650m.

Joint enterprise example

A baby leaf is being grown jointly with a corporation in Kumamoto and vegetables are being distributed directly to buyers.


Name of building DK Farm Co., Ltd.
Location 685-1 Oaza Migita Kokonoe Kusu-gun, Oita 879-4801 Japan
Overview Agricultural Corporation to cultivate vegetables such as white leek and directly distribute and sell in the market.