Solar Power Plant Development

We are leasing our owned land to a mega solar enterpriser, and promoting to develop natural renewable energy plant. We offer our service for planning, designing, construction, operation and maintenance for plant development of all phases. We are also promoting own project in progress.

Dream Kokonoe Co., Ltd.

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Project Profile

The land area: About 450,000 sqm

The output amount : 25MW

Number of solar panel installed: approximately 100,000 (296,000 sqm). The amount of electric power generation of the year is equivalent to the amount of electric power 7,000 households of ordinary homes consume.


Name of building Dream Kokonoe Co., Ltd.
Location 685-1 Oaza Migita Kokonoe Kusu-gun, Oita 879-4801 Japan
Overview Land Lease to mega solar enterpriser, Development of Solar Power Plant